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The Celandine DMCI A Bonifacio Quezon City - Unit and Building Features

The Celandine is DMCI Homes' upcoming high-rise residential development along A. Bonifacio Avenue in Quezon City, guaranteeing a home that features world-class craftsmanship and high-quality finishes. It bears the DMCI Homes Quality Seal, which represents the developer's commitment to deliver homes that are built to last. The development will consist of a single high-rise tower sitting atop 8,606 sqms of prime land.

The Celandine Building Facade
The Celandine Building Facade

Building Features

Just like all DMCI Homes vertical condominium developments, a superior feature of The Celandine is its green building  architectural design, Lumiventt (Lumen refers to light, and ventus is wind), which permeates natural light and breeze to flow generously throughout the residential  building. This is achieved through the central garden atrium, breezeways, and three-storey high openings at the front and back of the towers called Sky Patios found in every five floors that also give  residents ample views of the vibrant city, sunrise and sunsets, and experience healthy gushes of wind. Aside from enhancing the building aesthetically, the atriums and sky patios allow natural air to circulate inside the building preventing hot air to stay within. These also act as amenity areas at higher floors, thus creating spaces where residents can interact with one another while enjoying the view outside.

Other building features include single-loaded hallways that ensure no two units face each other directly, elevators with a view of the nature-rich surroundings, mail area,  and provisions for CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, and an automatic fire alarm and suppression system.

Lumiventt Sky Patio HR
Sky Patio
DMCI Lumiventt Atrium HR
Garden Atrium and Single Loaded Hallways
  • High-Rise development (one tower with 45 residential floors, 2 amenity levels and 4 basement parking levels)
  • Distinct Architectural Theme {Modern-Contemporary Architecture)
  • Single-loaded corridors
  • Balconies in units
  • Landscaped Garden Atriums
  • Sky Patios (Lumiventt Technology)
  • Sky Park
  • Electrified Perimeter fence around the whole development
  • Provision for individually metered utility and cable connections for each unit
  • Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression System (Heat & smoke detectors, and sprinklers)
  • Fire exits at both wings
  • Fire hose cabinets along corridors
  • Ten (10) Hi-Speed Elevators
  • Full back-up power for all units and common areas
  • Individual mailboxes / Mail area
  • Garbage Rooms
  • Parking Space
  • Provision for CCTV in strategic locations of common areas
  • Wi-Fi ready indoor amenity area

Building Floor Plans

Unit Features

Like other DMCI Homes' developments, The Celandine will offer various unit options that will address various needs and budgets. The development's efficiently designed living spaces offer flexibility to be dressed-up for any kind of lifestyle. Each unit is also equally well-crafted to suit the varying design preferences of its future occupants.  The units also are built to last using the high quality standards honed by DMCI Homes over 60 years experience in the property development business.

Unit Mix

Unit Layouts

Unit Turnover Finishes


The Celandine Soon to Rise along A. Bonifacio Avenue in Quezon City !!!

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